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Gary Gershfield

I can only speak to New York Jews.

I uncovered many Jewish records at Ferncliff Crematory in Westchester County.

There is also Fresh Pond Crematory in Queens, NY.

During the 1940s-1950s, cremations of Jews, comprised mostly of unaffiliated Jews or Reform Jews.

In addition, cremations were  significantly cheaper than burials.

In more recent times, Jewish families have cremated loved ones, but then the ashes, were placed in a gravestone at a Jewish cemetery.

Gary Gershfield

Forest Hills, NY

On Monday, June 14, 2021 Our Jewish Family History Research via <main@...> wrote:

Hi all:

Cremation is an option that secular families occasionally choose now-a-days. 
I know of a couple, who were holocaust survivors. They both requested to be cremated.
I do wonder if cremations of Jews are recorded on sites at all. Most of us would not even know to consider that as a possible reason for not  locating a person in Jewish cemeteries.
That is a potential genealogical brickwall.
Has any group member actually experienced this in your own research? Please share how you worked through the research process.
Many thanks in advance.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
GRUSZECKI/GRUSZECKA from Warszawa and possibly Zelechow


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