Re: Searching for information Zlotchover and Blechner Families from Cernicvic and Skora and Winstein from Poland (Ozno) or Ukraine #poland #ukraine

Sherri Bobish


Don't worry!  Since you know what towns they came from than you already know more than many of us researchers knew when we began our searches.

Cernicvic may be today called:
Chernivtsi [Ukr], Chernevtsy [Rus], Kleyn-Tshernevits [Yid], Czerniejowce [Pol], Chernivitz, Cernivci, Cernevţi, Chernevtsi, Tschernewzi, Çernivtsi

Region: Podolia

Skora may be:
Skvira [Rus, Yid], Skvyra [Ukr], Skwira [Pol], Square, Skver, Skvere

Region: Kiev
Ozno may be:
Ośno Lubuskie [Pol], Drossen [Ger], Drossen Stadt, Ośno

Region: Prussia

These are the closest soundex matches found at:

You can search yourself for the towns at the above site.  You may find something that makes more sense to you.

You can search for records from these towns in the appropriate country databases at:

I suggest doing phonetic or soundex searches on names as they get spelled in various ways in the records.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

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