Documenting the Shoah in Dubno #ukraine #holocaust

Hal Bookbinder



Of the 12,000 Dubno Jews in 1941 possibly 300 survived the Shoah. My cousin, Boris Fradkin’s mother was one of them, working on a farm, posing as a Christian, while supporting partisans in the forest. Virtually all of her large family were murdered, many by Ukrainians, some under Nazi direction and some on their own. Her father was murdered by Ukrainian irregulars long before the Nazis captured Dubno.


My cousin is seeking to gather stories of Ukrainian participation in the Shoah in Dubno. He is striving to document this aspect of the Shoah. If you have stories to relate, please reach out to Boris at fradkin@... or, if more convenient, please respond directly to me or email me at hal.bookbinder@... and I will see that Boris receives your response. #Ukraine, #Holocaust



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