Looking for info on great-grandmother's brothers - Resnick #usa


I'm looking for information on my great-grandmother's brothers. 
Background info: 
My great-grandmother's name was Jennie Resnick (married name Zavell). She immigrated to Cleveland, OH in the early 1900s from somewhere in Russia. I don't know the exact name of the city, but I do know that it was very close to the border with Poland and may actually be in Poland now because of the border switching. She would send money back to her family to get them to the US. We were told that her father's name was Moshe Resnick, but on her gravestone it says her Yiddish name (Yenta) bat Eliezer Yerachmiel. With the money she sent, her family was able to send over her two sisters - Esther (married name Simon, lived in Boston) and Eva (we don't know what her married last name was or where she lived). My great-grandmother and her sisters continued to send money and letters back home, hoping the rest of the family could make it to the US. The family in Russia would send letters back, but one day the letters just stopped. They were likely killed in the Holocaust, but I was hoping these names and this story might ring a bell and someone can tell me, at the very least, what my great-grandmother's brothers' names were. I don't know how many brothers she had. 

Thank you,

Robin Stein
Cleveland, OH

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