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This registration appears to be for one person. First given name Morris, second given name Abraham, family name Kaplan. Born NY in 1894.   The circled numbers seem to place the names in their proper order. The number above Kaplan looks more like a 3 than a 2.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 6/16/2021 7:32 PM, sheberton@... wrote:

My grandfather Reuben Kaplan had two brothers Abraham b.1884 and Morris. abt. b. 1894. When I searched for their military records, I found this one that has both of their names on it! Notice the circled 2 above Abraham's name & the circled 1 above Morris's. And then a 2 over their surname. The address is correct. And the birthdate is what I have for Morris in my family tree. Abraham was born in Russia (according to 1900 census) and Morris was born in New York. Can anyone explain why there are these markings? Why would both of their names have Morris's information? Thank you!
Shari Heberton

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