Seeking contact info for American artist Mark GROTJAHN #usa #general #holocaust

Myra Fournier

The celebrated American artist Mark Grotjahn is the great-grandson of Dr. Gyula Grosz who lived at Kantstrasse 12 in Magdeburg, Germany in the 1940s.  That is the same house where my cousins Alfred, Else, and Wolfgang Klappholz lived at the time.  I am trying to find as much information about the Klappholzes as I can, and thought that Mark might know some family stories that included them.  I have been unable to find Mark's email address on FB or via Google (I do not use other social media). I have emailed several museums and galleries where Mark has displayed his pieces, in the hope that they would put us in touch.  So far, no response.
Can you help?
Myra Fournier
Bedford, MA

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