New translated article from Yedinitz Yizkor Book - I Knew No Other Town #yizkorbooks


Please add to the daily JewishGen newsletter and any other relevant announcement forum the following passage.
We have a newly published translation of an article in the Yedinitz Yizkor Book, from page 143-144.
Your donations for this project can be made at:
If you live in the United States donations are tax-deductible.

Moreover, in lieu of a donation, we would be delighted if any of you with expertise in Hebrew or Yiddish translation to English can volunteer to translate a section of the book. 

We can include a mention with the translation “Donated by… or in Memory of…” to people who donate a minimum of $250 for a particular article of the book. People donating $500 or more will be entitled to a complimentary copy when the book is published.

You can view the original book online:

You can read the English Table of Contents for the book here:
Please let me know when and where this is published.
Thank you.
Allan Ira Bass

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