Re: Seeking contact info for American artist Mark GROTJAHN #usa #general #holocaust

Alan Harvey Silver

Hi Myra,

I did my own web search and social media search on Grotjahn, and he's pretty well walled off, online - I can't find a way to message him anywhere that he has an account. He has a lot of followers on online accounts, so it isn't surprising to see.

Your emails to museums, etc, are likely to go ignored. I would suggest calling art industry types directly - you're going to have to look for someone who knows him personally, and well enough, to contact him for you. (If you can find someone who might be Jewish, all the better.)

--Alan Harvey Silver (son of Elliott, grandson of Irving and Sarah Gorson Silver, great-grandson of Meyer and Elka Garb Gorson, and Charles and Lena Horwitz Silver)

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