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Thanks!  That seems to make sense as the place she was from.

In my cousin's Ancestry tree, she has that her grandfather, who wrote the memoir, was born in Butrymowce, Podlaskie, Poland, which is what I put in my email.  But there's conflicting information in the US censuses from after he emigrated here; the 1920 census says he was born in Poland, the 1930 and 1940 censuses say he was born in Lithuania. A lot of other people in that part of the tree are from Lithuania.

The JewishGen Communities Database info on Butrimonys says it was in the Russian Empire c. 1900, in Lithuania between WWI and WWII, and in the Soviet Union after WWII.  And today it's in Lithuania.  Maybe those changes have something to do with the country he said he was born in changing in the different censuses?

There's also a Kehilalinks page for Butrimonys, with info about a cemetery project, information about a 1937 census of Jews there, and an article about the cemetery project published in Avotaynu in 1995.

So he may actually be from Butrimonys, Lithuania, not Butrymowce, Poland, in which case it would make sense that Liepakojai Lithuania is where his grandmother is from.

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it is a small place at 54.468562,23.687883 named 



found using jewishgen gazetteer. I then found a page of the publiched artile online, which mentioned the town they were from in Lithuanie, not in Poland. i googled it which brought me to back to jewishgen. that town is Butrimonys, Lithuania which is not far from Altulys Lithuania, which is near Liepakojai.


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