Looking for three Canadian Wynne brothers (originally Winograd/Winogradski) #canada


My great-grandmother Libby (Elizabeth/Liba) Winograd/Winogradski (married name Wilensky) had three brothers. I've searched Jewish gen and ancestry, but cannot find any information on her brothers (other than their names and the country they immigrated to). I know that they immigrated to Canada (no idea what province or city) from Russia (or possibly Poland?) at some point and changed their last names Wynne. The brothers' first names (as listed on my great-grandmother's obituary) are Sol, Sam, and Archie. Their father is listed as Reb Moshe HaKohen on my great-grandmother's gravestone. Their mother's name is listed as Chia (I think it's just an odd spelling of Chaya though) on a family tree that I found. I tried searching using my great-grandmother's sisters' names as well, but didn't find anything. Their names are Bessie Levine (from New Jersey) and Anna Applebaum (from Cleveland). If you have any ideas of somewhere else for me to search, or if we maybe happen to be related (!!), please let me know.

Thank you,
Robin Stein
Cleveland, OH

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