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Sometimes a neighbor gives the information if the family is not there…if the daughter had short hair, she could have been mistaken for a little boy; remember the time period…


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Hi Everyone,

Hoping someone can help solve a small mystery that might chip away at a brick wall.

I found census records for my great-grandfather and his family, years 1910, 1930, and 1940.  Both Ancestry and FamilySearch kept generating a strange 1920 census that listed a very similar family, with the exception of 2 of the children.  I ignored this for some time, but began to suspect it was the same family.

On the 1920 census, the name of the father, my great-grandfather, is correct.  His wife's name, my great-grandmother, is slightly incorrect but still plausible.  (Maybe a misspelling or mistranslation.)  Two of the children's names are mostly correct.  But the 3rd child listed is a mystery name I don't recognize.  And the oldest child is listed as a daughter, when he should be a son.

All other data (birth years, immigration years, etc) are correct.  

Would the census taker have made such glaring mistakes?  Or are these too many mistakes for me to assume this is my great-grandfather and his family? 

I can provide the census if anyone would like to see it.  Thanks in advance!!
Amy Mitchell


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