Fate/Source of BMD Records for Tysmenitsa #galicia

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,

Tysmenitsa is a small town, just near Stanislawow (less than 15
kilometers apart). I know of no vital record books for this town (where,
I know, there were roots of my family).

In consulting with colleagues, I learned that those records are
considered lost, possibly during the 1939 town capture by the Red
Army. But, thinking about it, I started thinking that the B/M/D events
of Tysmenitsa may have been recorded in Stanislawow. And if that
was the case, perhaps the Stanislawow books would be the place to
look for Tysmenitsa B/M/D events.

Insights appreciated on this theory.

Yaron Wolfsthal

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