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Kerstin Muff, head of communications at ICARUS, the International
Centre for Archival Research - a network of archives, museums,
libraries and other organizations in Europe - has written to us about a
survey they are conducting, on the needs of older archival users,
including researchers on family history. She is asking us to forward
her message to those we know who may be interested to take part in
their survey. Gesher Galicia has been an organizational member of
ICARUS for the past five years. Kerstin Muff's e-mail to us is
reproduced below. Anyone in what ICARUS calls the "silver-researcher
community" (by which they mean those over 60 years of age) who is
interested to take part in the survey should go directly to the link
provided at the end of their message, which is:

[Please do not reply to this e-mail address.]

Tony Kahane
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

From: Kerstin Muff <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2019 at 14:50
Subject: Survey to identify fields of interest of archive users
To: <>

Dear colleagues,

For many people, the prospect of retirement >from work gives an
opportunity to seek fresh directions and new challenges. Archives
seem to be an increasingly popular place to pursue such new ro(o)utes
(key word: genealogy). Our EU-funded project "digital treasures" - - is keen to explore and co-shape these
routes together with the silver researchers.

There are already a lot of retirees that use the archives actively, for
research on local or family history, for example. Also, there are certain
groups of volunteers (i.e. retired historians) that support archives in
crowd-sourcing activities such as the identification of certain items on
pictures, etc.

As the archives increasingly adapt to the digital age, it seems though
that many of the elderly generation are faced with the challenges of
new technologies. The archives clearly need to adapt to their active
and potential users and explore together how to improve their
cooperation with user communities and keep opening their doors for
the silver researchers.

A survey to identify fields of interest of archive users:
- To learn more about the nature of silver researchers in archives, our
project has set up an online survey to identify pan-European fields of
interests and acquire more knowledge about the specific needs of this
specific user community.

If you are part of the silver researcher community (60+ years old),
please be kindly invited to take part in our survey. Your participation will
be an important contribution to further amplify the services of archives
as well as enhance the cooperation between the public and archives in
the digital age.

Follow this link to take part in our survey:

Please feel free to distribute this survey via any additional suitable
mailing list you may have available.

Thank you,


Mag. Kerstin Muff
Project Management, Head of Communications, Editor-in-chief of "insights"
ICARUS - International Centre for Archival Research
Address: Erdberger Laende 6/7, A-1030 Vienna, Austria

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