Genetic Disease #austria-czech

Henry (home) <hmsinai@...>

I wish to make contact with families who are carriers of the genetic
disease known as Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), especially
families whose origins are in central and eastern Europe.

Please contact me offline.

Thank You

Best Wishes

Henry Sinai

Researching PERSONAL Name: SINAI (and variations)
Researching FAMILY:
0SINAI and variations (SZINAI, SINAJ, SYNAJ, ETC)- Austria, Hungary,
0Turkey, Rest of World
PARNES- Lemberg (Lvov), Brody, Berlin
GOLDENBERG- Brody, Berlin MOSZKOWSKI- Opole Lubelskie; Leszniow, Rzeszow, Poland
SOBEL- Opole Lubelskie;Poland WOLARSKY -Mlawa; Poland
JELLINEK - Bratislava (Pressburg), Vienna
(von) KEMENY - Austria/Hungary SCHMITZ Austria/Slovakia

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