Manifest for Louis FINKEL #usa #records

David Ellis

I am seeking the immigration manifest for my great-grandfather Louis FINKEL (c.1874-1928), who arrived in New York between 1899 and 1901.  He was living in Kuznica (near Grodno) with his wife Reisel and infant son Ben, who was born in August, 1899. 

Reisel and Ben came over together and were sponsored by Louis, I found their manifest, which was indexed in the Ellis Island database with the surname PINKEL, probably a misreading of the cursive.  Their town was oddly rendered on the manifest as Kozrtsete. 

The unresolved issue is I haven't been able to find the earlier manifest for Louis.  His birth name was Leib DUBROVSKY, which according to our family history was changed to FINKEL before he arrived, rather than after.  Can anybody help me turn up his manifest?

David Ellis

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