info on Jedwabne, Radziłów, Wąsosz, Szczuczyn, Skaje, Bzury, Lipnik, Danowo, Dzięgiele, Goniądz, Rajgród, Kolno, Suchowola, Brańsk, and Jasionówka #poland

Frank Szmulowicz

The newly released The Towns of Death by Mirosław Tryczyk contains a wealth of information on several towns in Eastern Poland such as Jedwabne, Radziłów, Wąsosz, Szczuczyn and the Vicinity, Skaje, Bzury, Lipnik, Danowo, Dzięgiele, Goniądz, Rajgród, Kolno, Suchowola, Brańsk, and Jasionówka.

In the book, you will find the history of the towns, a description of the life in the towns in the period leading to WWII, the names of many of its inhabitants, and the witness testimonies of the Jewish survivors of the pogroms that took place there in 1941-42.

The book is available in hard-cover and e-book formats from the publisher,The%20Towns%20of%20Death%20relies%20on%20witness%20reports%20from%20survivors,perpetrated%20by%20their%20Polish%20neighbors. or other booksellers, such as Amazon

Frank Szmulowicz

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