Re: 19th Century Hungarian Matching Making #hungary

Jackie Shapiro

 I , too have arranged marriages in my family.  My grandfather, Joseph Gottlieb of Mad, Hungary was matched with my grandmother, Louise Billitzer,  Of Szerencs, Hungary by both fathers.
Rabbi Mier Gottlieb of Mad, Hungary and Rabbi Amram Yisha Billitzer of Szerencs. 
Also my aunt Viola Gottlieb , also of Mad, Hungary matched with Armin Hershkovitz of Humenne. Czechlosovakia (now Slovakia).   
This is the way my Orthodox family lived. 
Gottlieb-Mad Hungary
Billitzer-Szerencs Hungary
Hershkovitz(Hart-- Slovakia
Schlesinger-Nyiabator, Rohod-Hungary

Jackie Shapiro
Henderson, Nevada 

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