APOTHEKER - LANDA / LANDAU in Nowy Sacz (and Brody) #galicia

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Siggers,

Thanks to you all we are making a steady progress in unfolding the roots
of my late father-in-law David APOTHEKER.

His grandfather was Isak Saul APOTHEKER who was born in 1831 in
Uscie Zielone (Ustya Zelene) nearby Stanislawow, to a Rabbinical family
which lived already in the mid 18th century in Brody.

Just got access to the list of graves in the old cemetery of Brody, where
I found this piece of evidence. He moved around 1850 to Nowy Sacz
and married Lea LANDAU/LANDA whose father was Arieh Leib SEGA"L
LANDA. His father was Rabbi Bauch Segal LANDA, Av Beith Din Nowy
Sacz and environs. LANDAU is of course a huge family, but I need
assistance to lead me into the Nowy Sacz Rabbinical branch.

Many Thanks

Jacob Rosen

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