Info on 2 photos #belarus #ukraine

Frederick Zlotkin

Photo #1, E Narkiery - The info I have is that this woman's name was Elizabeth Narkier. She probably is my great grandmother, mother of Grisha Altschuler (aka Gregory Aller). She is a Tatar woman and her father served as a Cossack soldier. Any info or observations would be greatly appreciated.

Photo #2, Bubie at the Piano - This group shot was probably taken around the turn of the last century in or near Ekaterinislav. The woman seated at the piano is my grandmother, Brunia Fradin (aka Bertha Slatkin). The lady, front to the right of center, is probably Sarah Block. The younger woman in back of her might be Sarah's daughter Manya, who married a gentleman, M. Sukonic, and the baby is probably her first of 2 daughters (Sarah was previously married to Felix Fradin. Manya died when the family was forced to flee to the Ural mountains after Hitler invaded Ekaterinislav). The bearded gentleman might be M. Greenberg, and most likely the 5 boys are probably his sons, by a previous marriage. This being a very earl photo, the subjects would have to "freeze" their pose for about 30 secs. 

Any info would be most appreciated. This is my first attempt at photo ID on JewGen, so please be patient with me.

Dr. Frederick Zlotkin

p.s. I'm certain that my grandmother did not play the piano and suspect that the musical instruments are "props."

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