Hazans and Sofers from Lithuania #lithuania

Scott Familant

I was wondering whether anyone knows if records have survived relating to rabbis, hazans and sofers serving during the 18-19th C in modern-day Lithuania.  I understand that my Klaff ancestors had a rich tradition of serving as hazans, sofers and even rabbis.  Some ultimately served in the UK (Moses Claff), while others ultimately served in South Africa (Shmuel Zalman and his son Moses David). The family hailed from Shavli, but I understand very few records have survived for that shtetl.  And there seem to have been two major branches of the family, one headed by Eliezer and Zelda and the other by Elijah and Beile Dvorah.  My assumptions is that the two men were first cousins, commonly named after their grandfather.   I havealso  seen mention of Rabbi SZ Klaff having training in Riga.


Scott Familant

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