Looking for Descendants - Karol THALER, born 1906 #germany #unitedkingdom

Carol Jean Weightman

I am looking for descendants of Karol Thaler.

Karol was the son of Mina Lewin, a family member who moved with her husband and family from Brody to Berlin.

Karol was born in Brody in 1906.

The family moved to Berlin around 1916-1918.

Karol studied at the universities of Leipzig and Berlin. He qualified with a doctorate in law.

Karol later lived in London where he died at age 90 in 1996.

Karol used the name Karol Charles Thaler in the UK. He sometimes used the name Karl Thaler in Germany.

Karol had a sister Klara who lived in Israel and submitted Yad Vashem testimonies for their parents Mina / Mirl Lewin Thaler and Moritz / Moshe Thaler. Klara married but apparently had no children.

Karol may have married someone named Julia. A Karl Thaler and Julia Thaler travelled from Paris to New York in 1957.

I would appreciate any help to find Karol’s descendants.

Best wishes
Carol Jean Weightman

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