Naming of first-born after grandfather's death #galicia

David Scriven

Dear All,

I've noted a pattern in the records of my family: if the husband's father
dies, the first-born male after this event will be given the same name
as the (deceased) grandfather. I'm guessing that this was a tradition -
but was it among all Jews in Galicia, or among a specific group? Was
it seen outside Galicia?

Apart >from the difficulties for genealogists of having people with the
same name every 2nd generation, was it enough of a rule/tradition
that the reverse inference can be made?

My g-g-grandparents had a child named Abraham Isac Pomeranz 3
months after the death of an Abraham Isak Pomeranz (at age 52) >from
my g-g-grandfather's home town (Stryy). How likely is it that Abraham
Isak Pomeranz is actually my g-g-g-grandfather?

David Scriven

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