Autosomal DNA Information for European Jews which is Not Being Revealed #dna

Ralph Baer

I have taken autosomal DNA tests from both FTDNA and Ancestry. Like probably all others descended from central and eastern Europe Jews, my results exhibit a very large amount of endogamy. If I eliminate the known relatives (up to fourth or fifth cousins) who have taken these tests and look at only those who include some ancestral information, I still see that a lot of the closest predicted relatives have ancestors from the same general area where mine lived (southern and far western Germany). In a few such cases, I have been able to compare information with these people back through at least at least a half dozen generations e.g., the late Arthur Obermayer who was my closest predicted FTDNA match when I took that test, and there has been no indication of a likely common ancestor.
This indicates to me that if the DNA companies would divide European Jewry into several geographic regions, we could learn more. Although it is nice to know that I am 100% European Jewish. I suspect that there is additional information which we are not seeing.
What I would like to know is if others, especially those whose ancestors did not originate in southern and western Germany, also have significantly more of their highest matches from the same region as their ancestors came from than would be predicated purely by chance.
Ralph N. Baer        RalphNBaer@...       Washington, DC

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