Need Help With DNA Puzzle #dna


Hello Cousins,

I have a DNA puzzle that I hope you can help me solve. I have changed
the first names of living relatives to protect their privacy.

I was checking my new DNA matches on Ancestry, when I came across a
woman who Ancestry claimed is a 2nd to 3rd cousin. Jodie and I share
124 cM across 9 segments, the longest being 38 cM. She had a tree, so I
checked it out.

After finding our common ancestor, I discovered we're not 2nd or 3rd
cousins, but 4th cousins once removed. Jodie's maternal 2nd great
grandmother was Nasha (nee Galinsky) Zametsky. Nasha was the daughter
of Jacov Mordechai Galinsky. Jacov was the brother of Isaac Galinsky.
Isaac was my great grandfather (Joseph) Nathan Gellis' (Galinsky) father.

Now Ron Gellis is my 2nd cousin once removed. He is descended from
Nathan's brother Abraham. Ron and I share 121 cM across 7 segments,
with the longest being 31 cM. Sally Gellis is Ron's daughter and my 3rd
cousin. We share 53 cM across 4 segments, with the longest being 31 cM.
Peter Nathanson is also descended from Abraham and is my 3rd cousin.
We share 44 cM across 8 segments, with the longest being 13 cM.

These all make sense to me, but not the 124 cM that I share with Jodie.
How can we be such distant cousins sharing so much DNA?

Now I know DNA can be recombined and passed down in odd ways, but this
just doesn't make sense to me. It seems like DNA is coming from
someplace it shouldn't have.

Now one of Jacov's sons, Schmaya (Meyer), married his first cousin,
Goldie Gellis (Nathan's sister). I would imagine there'd be a double
dose of DNA there! I find no evidence of that sort of thing occurring
with Nasha.

Anyone have any ideas?

Jeri Friedman
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
KAPLAN, ROTENBERG (Bilgoraj, Lublin, Poland/Russia); LIEB/LEIBOWITZ, BLAU (Jassy/Iasi, Romania); GALINSKY, GELLIS (Suwalki, Poland/Russia);
(?, Poland/Russia); GOLDSTEIN, SCHRAGER (?, Romania); CYRULNIK (Suwalki, Poland/Russia and Kalvarija, Lithuania)

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