Re: Need Help With DNA Puzzle #dna

Adam Turner

DNA matching (especially as run through the AncestryDNA phasing algorithm) can produce some weird outliers, so a 124 cM match being 4C1R doesn't sound impossible to me. (Maybe you just happen to have two or three long blocks of shared DNA with Jodie that have been conserved to an unusual degree across the generations separating you, and these are keeping your match numbers significantly higher than most matches who are your 4C1R.) 

That said, 124 cM certainly is a higher amount of shared DNA than I've generally seen for a relationship in that range. In addition to cousin-marriage scenarios, I might look into the possibility that you are double cousins - if, say, Jacov Mordechai Galinsky and Isaac Galinsky's wives were themselves closely related to one another, that could also be inflating your match numbers. I match a number of 3C1R on AncestryDNA in the 100-150 cM range; most of these are actually double 3C1R to me, as my gg-grandfather's sister ended up marrying my gg-grandmother's brother.

Most of my regular 3C1R seem to have fewer and longer matching segments than those who are double 3C1R - a quick check suggests that the regular 3C1R usually have 5-7 matching segments, while the double 3C1R have 7-12 matching segments. So a 124 cM/9 segment match doesn't sound outside the realm of possibility if you actually have a double-cousin relationship to Jodie.

Adam Turner

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