How were Hungary censuses conducted? #hungary

Dan Rottenberg

This is a request for insight into how the Hungary censuses of 1848, 1857 and 1869 were conducted. Was the information gathered over days, weeks, months?
The question is relevant to me as I wrestle with a strange discovery. In the 1848 census for Sebeskellemes (aka Kellemes), a village on the outskirts of Eperjes (now Presov), it appears that the same woman is listed in two separate households and two different marital situations. To wit:
— Household #448 lists Sali Tannenbaum as a widow living with her mother and five children, the youngest of whom are named Jakab (born 1840) and Mozes Tannenbaum (1846).
— But Household #431 lists a Sali Klein living in her grandmother's house with her husband Lipot Jolesz. This same Lipot and Sali Jolesz are listed in the 1857 Kellemes census with three children of their own plus two sons of Sali from a prior marriage: Jakab Tannenbaum (born 1840) and Moritz Tannenbaum (1846).
In a village as small as Kellemes, it seems unlikely that there would be two sets of brothers name Jabak and Moses Tanenbaum, both born in 1840 & 1846 to a mother named Sali. So  Sali Tannenbaum and Sali Klein Jolesz must be the same person. But how could she be listed in 2 different houses and marital situations in the 1848 census?
My best guess is that Sali Tanenbaum musty have been the widowed head of her own household when the first census taker came around; and by the time a later census taker came by (perhaps weeks or months later), she had married Lipot Jolesz and moved into her grandmother's house with him. Is there any other explanation? Thanks for any insight you can provide!
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA

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