Re: Need Help With DNA Puzzle #dna


Hi Stephen,

I can top your match. On MyHeritage I have a 4th cousin once removed and
we share 164.5 cM across 10 segments,
with the longest being 44.1 cM. According to to MH we should be second
cousins or second cousins once removed
WOW! You definitely take the prize!

We both have detailed trees going back to our mutual ancestors, born in
the early 1800s and all we have been able to conclude from this high
match score is that we have other mutual relatives that we don't know
about. I see such multiple relationships on my trees.
That's what I was thinking, but wanted to hear other people's opinions
to be sure I hadn't overlooked something. This is actually the first
cousin I've had this happen with. All the others, so far, are what you
would expect.

Thanks for sharing!
Jeri Friedman
Port Saint Lucie, Florida

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