Searching my family connection on Bielitz (surname FLIESS) #galicia #records



I'm new here, sorry if this is not the correct place to ask.

I'm trying to find the polish/austrian connection to my family in Argentina.
As far as I know, my great great great father was "Alois E (Emil / Emile) Fliess", born in Bielitz, Schlesien (Silesia?) and I have 1833 as it's born year (maybe wrong).
But I can't find ANYTHING related to him.

He married in Argentina, had participation on Argentina/Brasil/Paraguay war (1864) and after that he wrote some books about agricultural industry for the government.

First I was trying to search on catholic records (familysearch) because his sons were baptised but then I found that he could be jewish.
Also I know he has some kind of relationship with "Wilhem Fliess" (some of best friends within Freud) born in Arnswalde (currently Choszczno?)

That's all I have and to make it more difficult, I know NOTHING about polish language...
Any ANY help would be awesome.

Again, sorry if my request was sent to a wrong place.

Best regards
Carlos Sola

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