Help to read the father's name on this gravestone, please #translation

Louis Kessler

I have this gravestone on Find A Grave:  Bessie Dudis (unknown-1910) - Find A Grave Memorial

The Hebrew on it is quite worn, but I can interpret every line except the name of Bessie's father:

Here Lies The Woman Bacee Daughter of Mr. Royben Died 8 Iyar 670 followed by the 5 letter epitaph: Tet Nun Tsadi Vav Hey

So the line with her father starts with Bat (daughter of) and the R' (Mr.)

But after that, the best I can figure is that the father's name looks like is: רויבן (Resh, Vav, Yud, Bet, Nun sofit) which would be Royben, which really isn't a Hebrew name. I don't see it as being Reuben either רְאוּבֵן because you can't really fit in an aleph an vav where (what I think are) the vav and yud are.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Louis Kessler
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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