Marriage date of 29 February 1887! #poland #records

Billie Stein

The record for the civil marriage in Sieniawa of my great grandparents, Simon Lam(m) & Liftsche Glanz (and 2 other couples) gives the date as 29 February 1887. Since leap years occur only in years divisible by 4, there was no February 29 in 1887.  The handwriting is too clear to misread it. Is it likely that this is only a clerk's error, or is there any significance to the date? Is it possible that it was the clerk's cynical reaction to late registration (they were married religiously around 1872)? Any ideas are welcome.
Billie Stein
Givatayim, Israel
LAMM Sieniawa, Belz, Lviv
STEIN Zukowice (Stare & Nowe), Tarnow, Krakow 
PLOTKIN Bobruisk, Mogilev, Rogachev 
RUBINSTEIN Minsk, Bobruisk, Yashin
DININ (varioius spellings) Mogilev

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