Searching for leads on Dov Ber LOEWY, my second ggf. #general #hungary #slovakia

John Anderson

I'm at a dead end. I can find no other leads on my paternal 2nd great grandfather, Dov Ber (SEGAL) LOEWY. Here is what little information I have:
1. He was born in the early 1820's.
2. He was married to Susil DEUTSCH, who was supposedly from Bohemia; she is supposedly buried in Jerusalem.
3. They had 6 children together:
  i. Malke (Mollie)  LOEWY (b. 06 Feb 1846 in Sebes, Presov of what is now Slovakia, but then was probably Hungary); she married Pinkus           HARTSTEIN/Pinchus Hersh (Tzvi); more about him below.
 ii. Raisel (Rose) LOEWY (b. c. 1850, d. aft. 1922);
iii. Avraham/Avrohom Aharon Segal Levi (b. c. 1853 in Hungary, d. 24 Nov 1914 in Jerusalem);
 iv. David LOEWY (b. c. 1854, probably in Hungary);
  v. Ignatz LOEWY (b. bet 1858-1861 in Hungary, d. 13 Apr 1942, Bronx, NY);
 vi. Yetta (Jutta) LOEWY (b. 04 Mar 1866, Hungary, d. 20 Apr 1922, NYC)--she was my father's grandmother.

Each of the above children was married and had children. Nobody in this extended family seems to know much about the origins of Dov Ber or Susil.
The only anecdotal references I have are that there is speculation that he was involved in manufacturing candles, and that he might have died in Munkacs.
Last year I received correspondance from a researcher, Sándor Backsai, in Hungary, who posited the following information regarding eldest child Malke:
"Malka was born in town Sebes (Shebesh), now Slovakia, near to county seat town Eperjes / Presov.
At first, I checked my Tiszadov data, and found that Hartstein family was Levi, so could not be related to Pinchus Tzvi ben Yakov, who were not Levi nor Kohen.
Then I began to look the 1869 census of Balazsvagas, and found Jakab, Zsigmond and Pinkus Hartstein's there. Pinkus was a distiller (brandy maker or maybe innkeper). His wife was Amalia, but the census doesn't say her surname, therefore I began to look the Berzevice / Brezovitz Jewish records, what registered Balazsvagas BMD, and found her surname was Lowy, and Pinkus's Hebrew nam was probably Pinchus Hersh (Tzvi). Therefore I was 99% for sure that they're the finding couple. Also, they had a son Bernat, I believe he was named after death of his grandfather Dov Ber."
I cite this information only as it points to location.
If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

John Anderson,
Orlando, Florida

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