Unusual Kielce-related indexing opportunity. Polish-speaking volunteers needed. #poland

Stanley Diamond

Dear friends:
Long before I joined the DoJR (Documentation of Jewish Records Worldwide project) team
JRI-Poland had been able to announce the discovery of unusual or hidden in plain sight record 
collections with potential benefit for many researchers.
The "Attachments to the death certificates of the Kielce Synagogue District" collection is
one that certainly ranks high in tagging it with word "unusual."  We have scans of 12,300 cards 
documenting the 1905 to 1935 deaths in Kielce. There are two or more cards related to each death.
The combination of the pre-printed and handwritten cards with additional information include a
treasure of genealogical detail over and above date of death....date and place of birth, parents' 
names, current (street) address and town of permanent residence.  Marriage information for the
deceased or parents of the deceased is also included in most cards. See samples below.
We need dedicated Polish-speaking volunteers who are able to decipher the aforementioned vital 
details to help JRI-Poland extract the information so that the details can be shared with Kielce 
and area researchers.  "Area" is an important word here as the KIelce Synagogue Area takes in
many towns and villages in the vicinity and the cards will reveal details about individuals that 
might not otherwise be available.  Two typical sets of cards follow below.
To inquire about joining this project team, write to KielceDeathAttachments@...
Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.   (Montreal, 514-484-0100)
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

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