Re: CRI Genetics?


For all those who may be interested in this company:

I found them to have wonderful customer service. However, there are both pros and cons as to what they can offer, at least pertaining to my personal experience. 

My first experience was to upload my autosomal DNA results from Ancestry. The results were prompts and, come to find out later in my research, more accurate than my initial Ancestry estimates. At least they were closer. I have attached screenshots of a map and the overview of my top ethnicity from the CRI Genetics results of my last 5 generations as an example.  As a matter of fact,  there was a clue that my DNA may suggest Jewish roots which have now been found in the family tree.

My next encounter with the company was an attempt to find my Maternal Haplogroup. When I read their write-up for the test, it sounded much like an mtDNA test, maybe not Full Sequence, but close and much less expensive. So, I purchased a test, took it and sent it back, only to wait and wait. After much email communication with the company (they are excellent about customer service and communication), I was told, they needed to repeat the test. Long story short the test couldn't be processed and I asked for my money to be returned and it was returned that day. I was disappointed but they were really good about it.

One other drawback is that any test that THEY do, cannot be downloaded. you can SEE your results but not download them. I didn't realize that but it is in their agreement that you need to sign. And you never see the raw data. This is one thing I wish that I had realized beforehand.

All in all, it works differently from other companies, but I found the results to be quite accurate. I just wish you could download them. Additionally, I bet if I asked them to send me a replacement mtDNA test that they would have done it. Lesson learned.

I hope this overview was helpful. Please let me know if anyone has any questions

Connie Derosier Carter
Kissimmee, FL, Leominster, MA

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