Re: CRI Genetics?


Yes, I have used CRI Genetics, but they are not a genealogy site. Here is my comparison of CRI Genetics with a typical genealogy site like MyHeritage:

Typical genealogy site with DNA testing: Does DNA testing with a primary goal of generating a list of potential genealogical leads, or potential relatives; may offer some sort of ethnicity reports; often allows you to download your raw DNA data to possibly upload at other sites; does not usually do haplogroup testing (mitochondrial or Y chromosome).

CRI Genetics: has a great scientific basis for its genetic analysis; does give deep ancestral background at various levels and breakdowns; does offer mitochondrial and Y haplogroup testing; does not allow a download of your DNA data but puts a high emphasis on privacy and security; does not have a genealogical orientation to helping clarify your historically recent family tree.

I have used both CRI Genetics and MyHeritage Genetics, but for different reasons. And I like them both. I do have a personal interest in genetics, archaeology, and evolution, including human evolution, and have taken multiple college courses in all these areas – so that is part of the basis of my interest in CRI Genetics. And I have had great difficulty figuring out my husband’s ancestry, so being able to upload his raw DNA data to GEDmatch. Com has been a great help.

I hope this is helpful.

Susan Stark

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