Locating the papers of a New Jersey senator and New York congressman #usa

Anna Olswanger

I am hoping that someone can advise me how to research the following.

I am trying to find the name of a Soviet Jewish family who was able to leave the Soviet Union in 1965 and go to Israel, seven years before the Brezhnev-Kosygin government granted the first exit visas to Soviet Jews. I have just about exhausted my Israel resources, so now I’m trying to find the family’s name in the papers of Congressmen James Howard of New Jersey and Emanuel Celler of New York, and Senator Clifford Chase of New Jersey, who helped the family get out. This was in 1965-1966, some time after the summer of 1965, when a New Jersey rabbi became aware of the family's plight. I tried to locate the information in Senator Howard’s papers at Rutgers University, but without being able to search onsite, I had to rely on the staff and they said they couldn’t find anything. I’m hoping that Congressman Celler and Senator’s Chase’s papers might be archived and accessible somewhere.

Does anyone have experience locating and searching the papers of New Jersey senators or New York congressmen?

If so, please contact me at:


Thanks for any advice.

Anna Olswanger

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