Re: How were Hungary censuses conducted? #hungary

Dan Rottenberg

Thanks to the feedback above (especially from Phil Karlin), I believe I’ve resolved the original mystery. It had nothing to do with the timing of the census in 1848 or any other year. To my mind, this process epitomizes the best virtues of the JewishGen Discussion Group: informed fellow genealogists putting our heads together online to help each other solve mysteries.

For those who are interested, I’ve concluded that there were two different Sali Kleins in the 1848 Kellemes census after all. The widow Sallie Klein Tannenbaum (born Lenarto 1817) was the aunt of Sali Klein Jolesz (born Frics 1829). Sallie Tannenbaum presumably died prior to the 1857 census, at which time Sali Jolesz adopted her aunt Sallie Tannenbaum’s two youngest sons, born 1840 and 1846. This would explain how a woman born in 1829 could be listed as mother of a son born in 1840— she was his adoptive mother, not his birth mother.

My one remaining mystery in the 1848 census is the presence in Sali Tannebaum’s household of “mother (?) Betti Grinfeld, 62, born Szanok, Poland, widow living with her children.” I surmise that this woman is Sali’s mother-in-law— the mother of Sali’s late husband Joseph Tannenbaum— presumably having remarried to someone named Grinfeld. But that’s merely speculation.  
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PSA

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