Re: Yizkor Book Report for April 2021 #yizkorbooks #JewishGenUpdates

David Harrison

Is there is a kind UK member of this discussion group who has a PayPal account, which I do not have and which seems to be required rather than a normal bank card?  I would dearly like to purchase a copy of this book because my grandfather left Kalisz before 1896 (when my father was born in Berlin in that year).  I understand that his mother and the rest of the family stayed behind and this book might help my further searches by giving me some of their given names.  If there is such a member, can they please privately email me and then we can agree a payment system. 

 Yours hopefully

David Harrison, Birmingham, England


New Yizkor Books in Print

I am pleased to report that the Yizkor Book in Print Project had an extremely productive month with three new books becoming available:



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