SAIONZ family in Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA #poland #usa #russia

David Ziants

Some of my paternal ancestors were from the small town of Narewka (Narifka), which was somewhere in between Bielsk and Bialystok, and I found a 1940 ship manifest of what seems to be my family name from this town sailing to Pennsylvania, USA. The name on this manifest is spelled ZAJACZYJ and we see 17 year old Sarah made it over leaving her mother Feiga there and she was joining her brother, Simcha of the same family name. There were very few holocaust survivors from Narewka, so it would be great if Feige managed to survive. I know about the Narewka KehillaLinks page run by my cousin (through my paternal grandmother), but there is know mention of landsman who immigrated to that part of the USA.

Do not know whether Sarah married, thus she probably would not be under this family name but her husbands. In any case I searched Jewishgen database and found SAIONZ family in Havertown there (many seemed to have died on 9th Av - known to be a sad day in the Jewish calendar  - but most of us don't necessarily die on that day so either there was a specific tragedy in that community on that date or the date was written because it is sad???)

In any case, I would very much like to make contact with either relatives of family from there, and also with anyone active in the community who is able to look up archives etc. Is there anyone here, able to help with contacts?


David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

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