Seeking Records for JOEL M.JACOBS, AND FATHER MORRIS JACOBS, LONDON ENGLAND, 1885-1903; family may have come from Warsaw Poland to England between 1875-1885 #unitedkingdom


My grandfather, JOEL Maurice Jacobs, who died in 1970, told me and other family members he was born 5 Nov 1885 in London, England, refusing to give any more information, other than referring to his sister, ROSE who married Israel Kutner(Kotner), living with them after his immigrated to US in 1903.   I have been searching for his birth record and other records of his time in England for years without success. Nor can I find his father,  MORRIS (MOSHE), in any record, other than Rose's marriage document.  All the Morris Jacobs records I have searched in UK, are other Morris Jacobs families.  Joel left UK, via Southhampton  30 May 1903, arrived New York 7 Jun 1903, joined sister Rose, and her husband Israel Kutner (Kotner)in St.Louis.MO. I have fully documented Joel's life in the U.S.  Rose married Israel in London, 1896, a copy of her marriage certificate is attached.  This shows that both Jacobs and Kutner families lived at 103 Rothchild Buildings, Bldg D, East London, yet I have not been able to document this with other evidence.  Rose's marriage certificate indicates she was from Warsaw and Israel was from Plotsk.  Several official U.S. records show Joel's mother's name as HANNAH GUNT(H)ER.  I have not be able to find her in any records in UK ,or anywhere,  which tie a Hannah Gunter to  a Joel or Morris Jacobs.  I do not know the original Polish surname, only Jacobs in England. I have done a thorough search of the Kutner family lineage, including contacting descendants of Israel's brothers. They have even less information than I.  Unfortunately, Rose & Israel had no children to trace. My father and his brother are deceased, as well as my only male first cousin, who also did not have children.  So YDNA seems to not be an option.  Any assistance you can give me is greatly appreciated.     JULIE JACOBS FEINGOLD, USA

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