Bad Koenig Hesse Germany to Koln Germany 1880's to 1920s-Request for information #germany #general


I am doing research on my Grandfather Hugo=Hirsch Ehrmann.  He was born in Bad Koenig Hesse in 1882/died 1970 and moved to Koln Germany sometime from that point fwd either with his family or after he married my grandmother Elizabeth who was born in 1889/died in 1956...His Father was Issac and Mother Elsa.  I am interested about the town he lived and the possibly reasons he may have moved from BK to Koln based on the historical town or world events if any.  I am told that it was small town of about 100 Jews at that time. The towns synagogue was burned down in Nov 1938 during the nazi Night of Broken Glass.. His older brother Moses and younger sister Bertha perished in the Kovno Ghetto in Lithuania in 1941.
Thank you
Paul Ehrmann
Detroit, Michigan, USA

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