Re: SAIONZ family in Havertown, Pennsylvania, USA #poland #usa #russia

David Ziants

Thank you Dianne for the tip. I wasn't fully using alternate spellings/soundex etc when searching the name. Someone off list helped me with this, and I now have her grave stone photo:-

The patronymic is rendered Melech rather than Elimelech as on Simon's stone - but these are essentially the same name (with Elimelech being more formal).

Now, am wondering whether their brother, Victor, whose name appears on the manifest (actually 1909 and not 1919 a correction a second time), changed his family name to ZION - in which case Molly would have been his wife and this appears on census and other records this way. Then he died 1960.Yet, we have a Victor ZAJONE (d 1946) in Pennsylvania Death Index, 1906-1964

Name Victor Zajone

Death Jan 11 1946;   Philadelphia

Certificate number 10101

For the grave stone of Victor Zion who died in 1960, I would need to contact the cemetery for the location of the grave, so I can fill in a request on Find-a-grave etc.. There seems to be less information around concerning the one who died in 1946.

Thank you for your continued input.

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

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