Re: Proving that a man who died in Paris did not have children #france #general

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Dear Lea,
The first and most important point is set by Robert Roth, such a certification is impossible to established by principe.

Nevertheless, what do we have according to French records ?
You must be aware that privacy is protected at a level understandable by US citizens.
Every data is protected, even vital records less than 70 years old...

Another point is the possibility to have a child without being married,  letting the child with the maiden name of the mother...

If we think about an "official" couple, where could a child be recorded in France :
  • in the naturalization file of the parents if they have been naturalized later than the child's birth : this situation has been very common for Polish Jews emigrating in the 20's or 30's, surviving Shoah in France and naturalized in 45's - 55's period. 
  • in the wedding act of the parents if the child was born previously. A family booklet is given on this day where further children have a place to be registered. I attach a page with the "place" for registering children.
  • concerning child's birth, it's registered in the city of birth which could be any place, Paris or suburbs. This birth isn't registered on parents vital records, only on the family booklet.  The "fiche familiale d'état civil", as said on previous post by my friend Michele Ackerberg, is filed according to this family booklet : the city hall administration can't fill today any document without this booklet. 
  • census of 1946 is available at Paris' city archives but not on line : someone must go there. Later census aren't available due to privacy rules.
  • Searching the cemetery where Simon is buried and asking administration of this cemetery could be a clue to any family relation.
  • In fact, there is only one French administration which have all our personal and family (including wife and declared children) history : this is our "Securite sociale", our "Medicare" which cover all our medical costs at a so high level you can't even dream about. But of course, nobody can access its records...
  • five "Shalit" appear on French white pages : 
That all folks !
Bernard Flam
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