How to access the Residents Book for Jalowka and help with place name needed #belarus #poland #records


I am new to Jewish genealogy and I have just started attempting to trace the family tree I am working on to its roots in Russia / Poland.  I have found reference in the USA based records to them having emigrated from Jalowka, Yalofka (which I understand is a different spelling for Jalowka) and Sloyky Grodno (I expect this is a misspelling).
I need some guidance on the following please:
(1) What place is Sloyky likely to be?  This spelling was was noted on a WWI draft registration. I cannot find a matching place name.  From the census records I know the person could not read or write and the form was completed by someone else.  So this is a likely a misspelling.   
(2) I understand Residents Books are an excellent source of information.  I am however struggling to find a place that explains what Residents Books are available to us for research, where they are located, if they have been translated, how to access them, the costs of accessing them etc. Is there an article or page on JewishGen or elsewhere that provides this information?   
(3) Currently I would like to look at the Residents book for Jalowka and for the place “Sloyky” (when I have the correct name).  Please can you advise how / where I can access these, if they have been translated and the cost of accessing them.  
I am researching principally the surname NOVICK.  The family emigrated from Russia to USA, where they mostly resided in Massachusetts. 
Any tips and advice are very much welcomed.

Mandy Strong
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