ZELMANOVICH - JONAVA 1906 #lithuania


Searching for my Grandmother's genealogy, I found her Internal Passport Card done in Jonava on Agost/1/1922 - Nº 2519/821121, but I crashed against a wall, I could not find anything else. I found three diferent Zelmanovich families in Jonava between 1848 and 1910,  but in noone is she in. She was born in Jonava in 1906 and came to Uruguay in 1928. May be siblings went to South Africa. She was SHULE SALMANOVICAITE (ZALMANOVICH). There are no more data about her, and I don't know which way to take. If someone have any information or Know a way to follow, please I will appreciatte that help. Thanks
Ruben Rubinstein - Montevideo - Uruguay

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