Trying to figure out where in the Russian Empire my grandfather was born! Confusing location ("Limyazov") on his naturalisation papers in the UK #unitedkingdom #ukraine #russia #translation



Recently I've started tracing back a couple of sides of my (Jewish) family. My Hungarian grandmother's side I have traced back to the 1700s.

However, my paternal grandfather's side is trickier. He came as a baby to the UK with his parents in the early 1900s, having fled a pogrom. In one story of my grandmother's (his widow's,) it was the Kishinev pogrom they'd fled. In another story his family lived in Georgia. 

He was dark skinned, and my father always says that side of the family were Spanish Jews further back. 

I have my grandfather (Solomon's) naturalisation papers to the UK. However, his place of birth in Russia appears to be Limyazov. A place I find no trace of. Can anyone help me figure it out?

Thank you very much,

Yael Silver

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