Looking for half sister-NUSIA RICHTER(RECHTER) #poland #general

Chana Gdanski


I am trying to find out what may have happened to my half-sister, Nusia Rechter (Richter).


She was born in 1937 in Krakow, to my mother Wita (nee Elbaum) and her first husband Hersch Rechter. Wita and Heniek’s address in 1940 was Skawinska 10 Krakow.


I have never found out the truth about what happened to Nusia. These are the stories that I have been told:


1.       My mother ended up in the Krakow Ghetto with my future father Roman Gdanski (Abraham Jacob) who was a bachelor living in Skalbmiersz.  Somehow Roman helped, by hiding Nusia with a Polish family. I know my mother was in Buchenwald and other camps as well as Schindler’s camp. My father was in Buchenwald.



2.       Nusia was travelling on a train, possibly alone, after liberation, to be reunited with my mother. There was a pogrom in Kielce around 1946 and Nusia was struck by a ricocheting bullet and died in my mother’s arms, probably at the Krakow station. This makes me think Nusia may be buried either in a cemetery in Krakow or Chrzanow.



3.       Nusia stayed with the Polish family because my mother didn’t collect her after the war. Nusia may be living under another identity.


My mother told me that she and Heniek were reunited after liberation but he was ill (Hersch died after liberation from lung disease) and died shortly after. I know he was born in Radom.


I have been trying for many years to find some leads about Nusia but nothing has ever been found. I would be most grateful for any help or leads.

Thank you,

Anna Gdanski,

Melbourne Australia








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