Trying to locate a registration at JRI-Poland of the wedding of Leib Horn #poland #translation

Shimy Karni

I found a record in JRI-Poland about the brother of my grand father.

It is the only knowledge that we know about him; we don't know when he was born when he died etc.
Attached is the recorded in file yente0.jpg. It is registration about a baby girl named Yente born in 1903.
When looking at the akta that was pointed it let us know that he was married at 19/8/1902, and some one translated me that 
the registration of the wedding is in page 38. but I do not know to find it.- attached is the original data.
I need an help to find it or any more information about him assumed between 1870-1940.
Thanks a lot,
Shimi Karni, Israel

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