Researching: family Gunsberger of Papa, Hungary, including Flora/Fradel, who married a Lazar. Bodansky, Hungary. Lafosky, Ukraine, Hackers, Austria-Germany. Anyone else? #austria-czech #hungary #unitedkingdom #ukraine #holocaust



Researching family. Peter and Golde Lazofsky, who seem to have been born in the Ukraine, before coming to England. The Gunsberger family of Papa, Hungary, many of whom died in the Shoah, but a few survived (I knew some of the survivors). Flora/Fradel Gunsberger married a Lazar, and AFAIK Berel Lazar, Russian chief rabbi is her descendant, but I'm struggling to find the exact connection/line that connects her to him.

Also researching the Hackers: Irma Hacker, her brother Willy (I'm unsure of spelling. Pronounced 'Villy.') Irma was born in Austria, married a Hungarian man, Geza Gunsberger. Geza died in the Shoah. She came to the UK in '56. If I'm correct, there's also Bodanskies married into the Gunsberger line. 

If anyone else is researching these same families, I'd love to be in touch.

Thank you,

Yael Silver

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