Re: Question about ZATULOVSKY Family Photo from Ukraine circa 1909 #ukraine

Nina Tobias

Here is one possible scenario as found in my own family. My paternal grandfather died when my father was barely a year old. My grandmother remarried a widower who was the father of several teenage children. So perhaps the lady in question is the child from a first marriage of Aron or Malka.

As to the seemingly short hair. perhaps it is pulled back into a bun, then a style not uncommon.

Nina Tobias
Scottsdale, AZ
Nina Tobias
Scottsdale, Arizona

Researching: HOROWITZ (Iasi, Romania; Odessa)
                      SWARTZ (Iasi, Romania; Philadelphia; Chicago)
                      TOBIAS (Rymanow, Galicia; Chicago)
,                     VOROBYEV, GOLDMAN, VERB (Russia; Chicago)

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