Re: Godparents? #galicia

Gail H. Marcus

To add another complication--my parents always told me that one great-aunt and great-uncle had been designated as my godparents.  I also had never heard of this being a Jewish thing, so I always wondered if my parents were just trying to adopt an American custom.

The facts in my case are a little different than the ones above, so some of the responses don't "fit," and I wonder if there is any other explanation.  The facts in my case are:  1) this all happened in the U.S., 2) I am female, so it has nothing to do with a bris, and 3) the couple was indeed childless, but they were also an older couple, so there was no expectation of them having children. 

I've also thought that godparents were supposed to care for a child if anything happens to the parents, but when I was born, all 4 of my grandparents were living and my great-aunt and -uncle were in the same age range as my grandparents, so I don't know why they would have expected someone other than my grandparents to raise me.  (And at least one set of grandparents probably had the means.)

I don't want to hijack someone else's question, but I was wondering if there were any explanations that would make sense for both Nikki's case and mine.

Gail Marcus

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